Spiking prices and supply shortages prevented us from securing a contract for supply of our community’s aggregation program beginning in June, so participants will be returned to Ameren Illinois supply for the months of July and August at a minimum.   Customers do not need to take any action for the transition to utility supply.  Ameren will send out written notification of the change.

Energy markets have experienced a significant price spike through the Winter and Spring, and these skyrocketing prices are reflected in Ameren’s  recently announced utility rates for residential and small business customers.  The annual average for Ameren’s residential rates is 11.15 cents per kwh.

The new utility supply rates for residential customers break down like this (cents per kilowatt-hour):

June – September 2022

  • Energy & Capacity  =       8.165
  • Transmission            =       1.295
  • Supply costs             =        421
  • TOTAL SUMMER    =         9.89

October 2022- May 2023

  • Energy & Capacity  =       10.21
  • Transmission            =       1.295
  • Supply costs             =        0.421
  • TOTAL NON-SUMMER   11.93

This calculation is based upon an average residential account’s load profile.  Ameren may update rates based upon new purchases of energy or increasing costs of transmission, for example,  during the rate year.

We are working with multiple suppliers to establish a reasonable price for our community’s aggregation program, and as mentioned, the markets have shown some recent promise of moderating.  We are negotiating to establish a price and schedule which allows resuming our community’s service by August 1.  To do this, we will need to sign a contract by the first week of June at the latest.

Please stay tuned.  We are working very diligently to keep this interruption of our aggregation program to a minimum.  We will update you as soon as we have more developments.