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5912 S Adams St
Bartonville, IL
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1503 W. Garfield Ave.
Bartonville, IL

Lock Box Program
The Village of Bartonville’s Fire Department’s Lock Box Program allows emergency responders to get inside your house without causing any damage.
Perhaps you are unable to unlock the door due to illness or injury, or perhaps you’re away on vacation and your fire alarm system has been activated. These are two excellent reasons to provide the Fire Department with a way to get inside your house or business quickly — and without causing any damage.

When the Fire Department is called to a medical emergency or a fire alarm, and the door is locked, access to the building is sometimes a serious problem. It would be in everyone’s best interest for emergency personnel to gain access to the building as quickly and easily as possible and without causing any damage. If keys were hidden outside, there would be absolutely no security for them and the Fire Department might not be able to locate them even if the location were known. Keys left with friends and neighbors are sometimes unavailable.

The Lock Box Program is a means to provide a reasonable degree of security for house keys while keeping them available for emergency crews. The codes for these boxes are securely kept at the Police Department. If this makes you uncomfortable at all, this program is probably not for you.

Lock boxes for the program are available by calling the Bartonville Police Department at 309-697-2323.