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Village of Bartonville

5912 S. Adams Street Bartonville, Illinois 61607

The Village of Bartonville, Limestone Township, Peoria County, Illinois, is a Municipality of the State of Illinois. It was incorporated in 1903.  
The Village of Bartonville is a member of the Illinois Municipal League; Illinois Police and Fire Commission; Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police; Police County Association of Chiefs of Police and Multi-County Narcotic Enforcement Group.  
The Village of Bartonville has a population 6,310 residents and 8 square miles. The Village of Bartonville has a Mayor and Board of Trustees form of government, elected by the residents of the Village of Bartonville. 
Funding for operation of the Village of Bartonville is done every fiscal year May 1 through April 30 by adoption of an Appropriation Ordinance and Levy. Operation of the Village of Bartonville is dependent upon Peoria County real estate taxes, Municipal sales taxes, State income taxes, State replacement taxes, State auto rental taxes, fees for permits and licenses, fees for park usages, ordinance fines, parking ticket fines, telecommunications, cable, electrical franchises, and miscellaneous other revenues.

Zoning Hearing Notice 2-27-20 2430 Kathy

Notice of Zoning Hearing 2/27/20 Kathy LaneBy villageofbartonville | February 10, 2020

Zoning Hearing Notice 2-27-20

Notice of Zoning Hearing 2/27/20 XtremSoundsBy villageofbartonville | February 10, 2020

Meeting held @ 6:00pm on 2/10/20 4812 W. Pfeiffer Rd, Bartonville, IL 61607 Click for more information

Board of Trustees Meeting 2/10/20By villageofbartonville | February 3, 2020

Notice Prop Tax - Final 2019

Notice of proposed property tax levyBy villageofbartonville | November 20, 2019

Click here to view information about burning.

Burning InformationBy villageofbartonville | October 16, 2019

Saturday November 30th @ 5:30pm Click here for more info about the 2019 Holiday Party

First Annual Holiday PartyBy villageofbartonville | October 16, 2019

Now accepting 2019 Holiday Tree Sponsors!  Click here for sponsorship form

2019 Holiday Tree Sponsorship FormBy villageofbartonville | September 30, 2019

Saturday, October 12th  -4:00 PM Day Round -7:00 PM Night Round CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Glow in the Dark Disc Golf TournamentBy villageofbartonville | September 30, 2019


Solicitation PermitBy villageofbartonville | July 29, 2019

#1816 Appropriations 19-20

Ordinance No. 1816 19-20By villageofbartonville | July 26, 2019

Notice of Audit Report

Notice of Audit ReportBy villageofbartonville | July 26, 2019

VOB Meeting Time Change

NOTICE OF MEETING TIME CHANGEBy villageofbartonville | July 17, 2019

LEGAL NOTICE 2008 Chevy Impala

Legal Notice 2008 Chevy ImpalaBy villageofbartonville | July 15, 2019

Notice of Public Hearing 2019

Notice of Public Hearing 7-22-19By villageofbartonville | July 3, 2019

7-25-19 zoning hearing notices

7-25-19 Zoning Hearing NoticesBy villageofbartonville | June 21, 2019

Legal Notice 2005 Impala 2

Legal Notice 2005 Impala 2By villageofbartonville | April 22, 2019

Zoning Board of Appeals NOTICE

NOTICEBy villageofbartonville | March 18, 2019

IEPA Notice 3-8-19

IPEA Notice 3/8/19By villageofbartonville | March 8, 2019

1801 Snow ban parking

Ordinance 1801 Snow Ban ParkingBy villageofbartonville | February 26, 2019

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